Loan Policy

The Tetrapods Collection of the Museum of Biological Diversity at The Ohio State University grants loans to other museums or institutions on a 6-month term.

All specimens are subject to the Conditions for Outgoing Loans, below.

All specimens are generally provided free of charge; however, should any specimen be used for a commercial product the division reserves the right to request part of the proceeds. Income from commercial users will be used for collection improvements.

Conditions for Outgoing Loans

  1. Specimens will only be loaned to museums and academic institutions.
  2. The specimens can be loaned for a duration of 6 months; an extension may be requested in writing prior to the end of the initial agreement.
  3. The borrower needs to agree in writing to a list of loan conditions such as handling and storage of the specimens.

Please download the full loan agreement here.

For details please email Curator.