Destructive sampling

We generally allow destructive/genetic sampling for research projects but this will be considered on a case by case basis by the Curator.

Requestors need to outline the study plan with a clear statement of purpose, methods, and expected significance of the study. They need to include a justification for using destructive sampling, why the project cannot be completed without the use of museum specimens and provide evidence of their expertise in the technique(s) to be used and that the proposed study is likely to generate useable data.

Museum collections are expensive and time-consuming to build and maintain, and specimens are depleted by destructive sampling. Thus we encourage requesters to support the growth, maintenance and accessibility of biological collections. Applicants associated with labs or institutions that do not maintain museum collections are urged to consider depositing voucher specimens at the Ohio State University Museum. Applicants who cannot reciprocate in kind may be charged a replacement fee to help defray the cost of acquiring and maintaining the collection.