Staff & Research


Please contact Tamaki Yuri or Bryan Carstens with your question or request.

Tamaki Yuri was appointed as Curator in January of 2019.

Grant Terrell, Evolution & Ecology major, worked as the Curatorial Assistant in 2015-2020.

Stephanie Malinich was Collection Manager in 2015-2017.

Angelika Nelson was Curator in 2009-2015.

John Condit was volunteer Curator for more than 40 years, he retired in 2010.

Volunteering in the collection

Our work in the collections would not be possible with the numerous volunteers that help us with georeferencing, creating and preparing loans, preparing study skins and other tasks. If you are interested in learning about work in museum collections and specifically volunteer opportunities in the tetrapods collection, please contact us.

Collection Research

The research value of the Collections has been unrealized in recent times, because the specimens have not been available to the scientific community. This is changing with the incorporation of the collections in VertNet, an NSF-funded global museum database of vertebrate natural history collections. The specimens in the collections can be used to document biodiversity and dynamic properties thereof in Ohio and worldwide. Please search our database at VertNet.